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Beauty will save the world – it is not a commonplace phrase, it is a prophesy for all hairdressers, stylists, makeup artists and beauty salons. They are the people destined to change not only anyone's appearance but also their internal attitude towards the wish to change the outside world for better.

Working on it with their customers every day, every hour, instilling an optimistic and positive life philosophy in them, helping them realise their talents, inspiring them to create and not to destroy, hairdressers save the world from monotony, pessimism, aggressiveness, banality, naivety, cynicism, greediness etc.

To accomplish that mission, the hairdressers must have special qualities: good reputation, courage, responsibility, authority and high potential. They must always improve their professional skills, make themselves and their customers believe that they are the best, that they can be idols and creators and that it is for them, yes for them, to change the society for better.

Micuşa Stil, a chain of salons based on a unique pyramid system, is a leader in the beauty industry, satisfying all the classes of society. The 'pyramid' structure includes: a school for training future stylists of Micuşa Stil, a hairdressing salon, an economy class salon, a business class salon and a champions salon. This structure enables a staged selection of hairdressers – from zero level to top grade. One of the musts for each stylist is to participate in all kinds of national and international competitions and contests in hairdressing, decorative makeup and nail modelling. The salons are arranged to match the stylist's class with the salon's grade, to ensure the right value for money.

Philosophers have tried to express beauty in words for thousands of years, we simply make it.

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